Optimizing production processes and equipment with Bekaert Engineering

Bekaert’s in-house engineering department supports the company’s high quality product offering by creating increasingly efficient production equipment. It is a truly global organization with a network of engineers and technicians in Belgium, China, India, Slovakia and Brazil. They design, manufacture, install and service the critical equipment for our production plants worldwide.

Bekaert’s engineering activities are organized on a global scale, not only in the design phase, but also for assembly, as well as for spare parts management and maintenance. Newly designed equipment by Bekaert engineering always combines performance improvement in various fields, such as product quality, production excellence, cost-efficiency, ergonomics, and the impact on the environment. 

The first lead-free galvanization line was developed and brought into operation in Peru, and several rolling mills were designed and installed for our plants in Belgium, Slovakia and Brazil. Bekaert Engineering also developed automation equipment such as spool-handling robotics.

Engineering in a nutshell 

  • 4 pillars: design, assembly, start-up and maintenance.
  • Multidisciplinary teams in Belgium, China, India, Slovakia and Brazil.
  • Fully integrated provider of turnkey plant solutions.
  • A clear focus on energy reduction & environmentally friendly solutions.


One of the elements that differentiate Bekaert from the competition is the fact that we have our own engineering department on a global level that designs and develops total plant layouts and production lines.

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