Society and Environment

Our responsibility towards society

Educational projects form the backbone of funding and other community-building activities. Additionally, we support local activities and projects for social, cultural and economic developments.

Supporting educational and training initiatives

We believe that education and learning form the key to a sustainable future. Therefore, we support worldwide initiatives that focus on helping, through education and learning, the communities we are active in.

On the occasion of the International Children’s Day in June, our plant in Lipetsk (Russia) supported the orphans who live in foster families in the Gryazi District. Bekaert carefully selected and funded gifts for each child, taking in consideration their individual needs for education.

Prodac, our plant in Peru, received recognition from Fundades, a local organization that collects and sells waste paper for recycling purposes. The money generated is used for annual scholarships.

In China, Bekaert has built strong relationships with various institutes such as the Weihai Welfare Home for Children. In 2012 Bekaert set up a program to donate medical and rehabilitation equipment to the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Cerebral Palsy. The center is the first community-based rehab facility in Shandong Province, providing free rehabilitative care and special education to all children with cerebral palsy in Weihai city.

Supporting social & community initiatives

We support community initiatives that aim at improving societal conditions where we are active.

In India, Bekaert contributes to the economic development and well-being of communities where we are active. For instance in the Thiruvallur District, health camps were organized in several villages to address the health care needs of the people and assist them through a long term plan.

In Brazil, Bekaert continues to support long-term initiatives like Pro-volunteer, a program through which employees volunteer in training assistance and promotion campaigns for local charity institutions. Special focus goes to initiatives that help children with social and educational needs.

The team in our plant in Rogers (US) annually supports the United Way program in collecting funds to support local community initiatives such as daycare for disabled people, youth activities or health services.

Our responsibility towards the environment

better together for a cleaner world is one of Bekaert’s ambitions: we continuously strive to use fewer materials, bring down our energy consumption and reduce waste.

Bekaert’s concern for the environment is three-fold:

On the one hand, we develop new, eco-friendlier production processes for our plants worldwide. In 2012, we executed audits in no less than 90% of our plants to check the implementation of our internal procedures for avoiding the pollution of soil and groundwater. Action plans were defined to take proactive measures and keep awareness for the environment top of mind. We continued to work on the ‘New Environmental Technologies’ project that was launched in 2011, in order to build up knowledge and expertise in environmental technologies and thereby boost the environmental performance of plants worldwide. Some examples include increased recuperation of chemicals through improvement of the scrubbers, the treatment of waste lubricants, and improvement projects toward attaining zero disposal of copper and zinc.
In 2012, 90% of our consolidated plants worldwide were ISO 14001 certified. Bekaert’s full worldwide certification remains an ongoing goal and an element in the integration process of newly acquired entities and of the companies that have been added to the consolidation perimeter.

Secondly, Bekaert invests in product innovations that allow for process improvements at the production sites of our customers. Special wire coatings, for example, can eliminate certain process steps for our customers and hence improve environmental impact as well as the production cost.

Thirdly, Bekaert also develops products that contribute to a cleaner environment. To name a few, we manufacture super and ultra-tensile steel cord that answers the need for light-weight materials in cars, stainless steel wedge wires used for oil and water filtration, cable armoring solutions for green power transmission, and substitutes for solvent-based coatings.

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