The year in brief

In response to rapid and structural changes in the global solar energy market, to growing uncertainty in other markets and to longer term overall instability, Bekaert announces on 2 February a major realignment program.

End of February Bekaert announces its annual results 2011. Bekaert succeeded in realizing 5% organic growth for the year as a result of higher sales volumes, but saw aggressive competition in solar energy markets erase the profitability of the sawing wire platform in the 2nd half of 2011.

On 13 March, Bekaert and its Chilean partners announce the successful closing of their shareholding transaction by which Bekaert becomes the principal shareholder (52%) in the partnership with operations in Chile, Peru and Canada.

Bekaert’s presence in Chile dates back to 1950 with the start of a joint venture with the families Matetic and Conrads.

On 2 April, Bekaert and Element Partners, a Pennsylvania US-based equity fund, sign the agreement regarding the sale of Bekaert’s Industrial Coatings activities.

On 28 May, Bekaert and Xinsteel break ground for a new production plant in Xinyu (Jiangxi province, China). The new plant will house the spring wire manufacturing platform which is now located in two separate factories.

On 30 August, Bekaert and Southern Steel establish a joint venture, 55% owned by Bekaert and 45% by Southern Steel Berhad (SSB), a leading Malaysian Steel Group.

Bekaert and Southern Steel join their related manufacturing and commercial activities in Indonesia and Malaysia.

On 4 December, Prodac, Bekaert’s subsidiary in Peru, celebrates the inauguration of its new galvanizing plant. The new line, developed by Bekaert’s in-house engineering department, extends Prodac’s production capacity materially. It is the first lead-free galvanizing line of its kind.


Mr Juan Kohn, Mr Jorge Matetic, Mrs Gallofré-Cassadó and Mr Bert De Graeve, representing the shareholders of Prodac SA, officially open the new galvanizing plant.

On 13 December, the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) grants the 2012 EIPM Peter Kraljic awards during its annual convention. Bekaert’s procurement organization wins the supplier relationship award.

Bekaert’s procurement organization wins EIPM award.

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