Bekaert Group Executive


From left to right: Bart Wille - Curd Vandekerckhove - Henri Jean Velge - Bert De Graeve - Bruno Humblet - Dominique Neerinck - Frank Vromant

The Bekaert Group Executive assumes the operational responsibility for the company’s activities. The executive management - chaired by the Chief Executive Officer - consists of seven members. The Bekaert Group Executive acts under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The overall organization of Bekaert has been changed in the course of 2012 in order to respond in the most effective way to future growth opportunities and global challenges. The new structure represents a balanced responsibility allocation for regions, business platforms and global support functions. The regional management focuses primarily on operational efficiency and synergies. The business platforms develop our business from an overall perspective across the regions and focus on our customers’ interests and future business development. Global support functions manage functional excellence and compliance. The Bekaert Group Executive has been redesigned in line with the new global organization set-up.

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