Evaluation & Gender diversity law


The main features of the process for evaluating the Board of Directors, its Committees and the individual Directors are described in paragraph II.3.4 of the Bekaert Charter. The Chairman is in charge of organizing periodic performance appraisals through an extensive questionnaire that addresses:
  • the functioning of the Board or Committee;
  • the effective preparation and discussion of important issues;
  • the individual contribution of each Director;
  • the present composition of the Board or Committee against its desired composition;
  • the interaction of the Board with the executive management.
As part of the performance appraisal initiated in 2011, the Chairman discussed the responses to the questionnaire in separate meetings with each individual Director in 2012, and submitted the conclusions of the assessment, including the areas for improvement, to the full Board.

The longest serving independent Director conducted a Board evaluation of the Chairman’s performance.

Gender diversity law

The Board has further discussed the actions to be taken to ensure compliance with the legal requirement that one third of its members be of the opposite gender as from 1 January 2017. The Chairman has initiated a search for female candidates.
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